Playing with an Ouija board has often been linked to playing with demonic possessions. This is because an Ouija board is operated by spiritual guides that will maneuver throughout the board, shifting the pointer over letters that they want others to spell out to give them the answers that they are looking for. There are various rules that should be adhered to when working with an Ouija board so that there are no demons that will enter one?s head.

It is important to begin the reading session with the understanding that whatever will happen in the seance is all but the truth. Allowing a spirit to penetrate into one?s thoughts will only open the door all the further for bad things to happen to an individual. Also, it is important not to ask personal questions about one?s self, such as when the respondent will die, as this can truly mess up someone?s head. Also, it is best to not use the board while intoxicated, as the answers that are received can truly mess up someone?s mind, as they may not be prepared to receive such information. The same can also be said of those that may be high on drugs. It is also important to never believe the information that the spirit tells those that are talking to it, as the answers may not always be true, and there can be many people that are worried about their futures.

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