Ouija boards are said to give the user a great fright and possibly enhance their experience with communicating to other realms and spirits. There are numerous means for obtaining an Ouija board, such as through a homemade board. When using a homemade Ouija board, however, it should be taken into great caution, as there have been numerous claims that Ouija boards are causing deaths all around the world.

Those that are professional users of the Ouija boards often believe that the reason for there being such a large epidemic among homemade Ouija boards is often due to the inexperience that many people will have with the spirit world. In many instances, when the Ouija board begins to work, it is thought to believe that the user that is using it for the first time goes into great shock and can suffer from a heart attack. On the same note, a homemade Ouija board is said to be deadly for those that are inexperienced with the board, and they will often ask questions to the spirits that will upset them greatly. Many Ouija board users believe that it is the evil spirits that many people allow into their lives as a result of negative communication is what will often kill the beginning or even the novice Ouija board user. It should be noted that working with a homemade Ouija board should be done so with great caution and poise, as to not upset the spirits that lie in slumber.

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