Interactive Online Ouija Boards Are Powered By Evil Disembodied Geek Spirits

Written by ouijaman on November 4th, 2007

Playing with an interactive online Ouija board has raised the levels of skepticism for many of its users. This is because many people believe that they can not have a true reading on an Ouija board if it is from an online source, such as the internet. Traditionalists believe that only a wooden or an Ouija board that is manufactured for retail sale are real boards, and can be used for accurate readings.

Interactive online Ouija boards have been said to be run by evil disembodied geek spirits, which is not at all true. This is said because many people have the belief that an online interactive Ouija board is not as effective as a real board, which can reveal the accurate truth. Due to this, many have said that there are nothing but geek spirits that run the internet Ouija boards, which may be far from the truth. In reality, the spirits that operate an Ouija board are all different, and there is not right or wrong way to how an Ouija board is received. Ouija board experts that have used their boards for many years have all stated that an internet Ouija board is inaccurate and is far from the real truth, which may or may not be reality. To state that there are nothing but evil disembodied geek spirits that operate an interactive online Ouija board is false, and should be heeded with mush warning for those that are new to the Ouija board world.

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