An Ouija Board is known to be a very spiritual means of talking to those that have deceased as well as those that areĀ alive. Many people believe in the powers that are held in an Ouija board, and take great caution when using them. For this very reason, there is the extra step of caution that is taken while crafting one?s own board.

One of the main precautions that should be used while crafting a home-made Ouija board is to always wear gloves. This is because the gloves have been said to act as a barrier between the spiritual world and the real world. In many ways, creating an Ouija board with one’s own bare hands is said to be asking the evil spirits in for further conversations when they are obviously not welcomed in the first place. It is said that when gloves that are worn on the hands while making an Ouija board is a means of disassociating one?s self from the game, allowing for the crafter to be available to create the board only. This is to make certain that the spirits know that they are the ones that are in charge of making the Ouija board operate. Ouija board protection is in order at all times for an Ouija board game, especially when crafting one from hand. Having as much protection as possible is often eh best route for those that want to work with an Ouija board.

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