An Ouija board is often seen as a means of communicating with the spirit world- a connection between the present day life and the afterlife. For those that are true believes of the powers that the Ouija board can hold, there are myths that they feel as though they are often having to debunk in order for others to appreciate the Ouija board, or to even just make sense of it.

One of the main beliefs that many will have with an Ouija board is that when it is used that it is inviting evil spirits into one?s life. The fact of the matter is, that many believe that there are spirits that are already present, and using an Ouija board will not enhance upon this. Another common myth for those that use an Ouija board is that there are those evil spirits that are looking to do harm and invade one?s body. It is said that this is only permissible if the user allows them to do so. Those that have a strong religious belief will be alright. Another myth is that only people that are known to the user can be contacted. Many have said that they have also talked to their animals, and even celebrities, which is often a far reach for some. Having the spirit guide work through someone so that they can write messages for them is also a common myth, as it happens on very extreme and rare instances. An additional popular myth that is often debunked time and again is that it is evil spirits that are dictating the movement of the board, which is not entirely true.

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