Having an Ouija board in one’s home has been said to open the door to evil spirits and demons that will take advantage of the open portals in the home, causing much chaos and despair. All hope is not lost for those that have an evil spirit in their home, though. There are 5 good methods to rid an Ouija spirit or demon out of the house or another location, all of which have been said to be prove effective for evil removal.

One of the sure methods of getting rid of a demon from within the home is by asking it to leave. Although this may seem like a simple enough answer, many people may not stop to think about how easy a spirit will leave if they simply ask it to. In most instances, the demon will rid of the area, and move elsewhere. If the demon is persistent in pursuing the user of the Ouija board or the likes thereof, it may be necessary to call in a priest or minister that can come and bless the home. Often times, the demonic possessions will not stick around for the blessing of the home, and will immediately leave. Just as with a vampire, hanging up garlic has also proven to be effective for the demons, as do not like the strong smell of the garlic, and will often leave the area. Having a demon in a home is no joking matter, which is why it make take several exorcisms in the home to rid the area of the demon. Lastly, some people may simply have to burn their Ouija boards so that they do not have a portal open for the demons to come back into the home.

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