Ouija boards are often seen as a fun party game or a serious means of communications with spirits during a seance. For those that choose to look at the game in all fun, it is important to know that the Ouija board should not be used when drunk. That’s because there are many questions that can come out of the mouths of those that are using them, causing potential harm to themselves and others that are also playing the game.

When a person is inebriated and using an Ouija board, they can often upset the spirits that are at work. This is especially true, as many people that are drunk will often not give a second thought to the questions that they are asking the spirits, causing much distress. It has been stated that those who use an Ouija board should do so sober, as to not invite evil spirits into the body, as the mind will be alert and aware of any wrong-doings that may be taking place. Using an Ouija board while drunk is not a good idea, as it can allow for things to happen, such as open-ended questions, and the possibility of answers being taken the wrong way. In doing so, this can be quite upsetting to the drunk player, who may react in a violent, scared, or indifferent manner. When possible, an Ouija board should not be used at all when drunk, as this will avoid all possible run-ins with negative reactions.

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